Event:11th Annual Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading

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11th Annual Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading: on 2011/10/03

"The IEA-IETA-EPRI Emissions Trading Workshop has been held annually at the headquarters of the International Energy Agency since 2000. This international workshop focuses on developments in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions trading around the world at the international, national and sub-national level. The 2011 workshop will cover topics relevant to the development of global, national and sub-national carbon markets, including scaled-up and new market mechanisms, NAMAs and sectoral crediting policies, MRV and international GHG accounting and 2nd-best trading programmes. As in previous years, the workshop will assemble representatives from government, business and independent research organisations to discuss advances in various national GHG markets, as well as the future of carbon trading and the "shuffle" to the COP 17 meeting in Durban."

Event Details
Name 11th Annual Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading
Date 2011/10/03

Location Paris, France
Organizer International Energy Agency (IEA)
Tags MRV, GHG Inventory, CLEAN, LEDS, Carbon Markets
Website Event Website