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Property Name Event/Organizer
Property Type String
Description The entity or entities responsible for organizing the event. This is typically a person or organization. More than one organizer can be attributed to each event.

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11th Annual Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading +International Energy Agency (IEA)  +
11th Annual Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Day 2 +International Energy Agency (IEA)  +
15th International Business Forum: Low Carbon High Growth - Business Models for a Changing Climate +German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ)  +
18th Africa Partnership Forum +African Partnership Forum  +


2012 Bonn Climate Change Conference +UNFCCC  +


7th Asia Clean Energy Forum +Asian Development Bank  +


ASEAN Roadmapping Workshop +ASEAN  +


Building an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Driven Economy: How Policies Can Foster Risk Capital Investment in Renewable Energy +Clean Energy Solutions Center  +


CBD Africa Regional Consultation and Capacity Building Workshop on REDD+, Including on Relevant Biodiversity Safeguards +Convention on Biological Diversity  +
CCCCC and SPREP-Climate Change Adaptation +CCCCC  +, SPREP  +
CCCCC and SPREP-Climate Change Mitigation +CCCCC  +, SPREP  +
CCCCC and SPREP-Future Climate Change Projects +CCCCC  +, SPREP  +
CCCCC and SPREP-The Marketplace: Exchange of Climate Change Ideas and Themes +CCCCC  +, SPREP  +
CDKN Action Lab +CDKN  +
CDKN/MAPS side event: developing countries collaborating for climate compatible development +Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)  +
CDM Assessment Training (November 2011) +United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)  +
CDM Assessment Training (September 2011) +United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)  +
CLEAN call +CLEAN Secretariat  +
COP 18 Side Event +LEDS Global Partnership  +
COP17 Knowledge Broker Reception +Lisa McNamara (CDKN)  +
Carbon Expo 2012 +World Bank  +
Climate and Development Knowledge Brokers Workshop +[[UK Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)]]  +


E-Learning Course: Low Carbon Development +World Bank  +
Enhancing International Smart Grid Collaboration and Policymaking through the Smart Grid Maturity Model +Clean Energy Solutions Center  +
Events Launched +National Renewable Energy Laboratory  +
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