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Wind for Schools Portal

Since 2008

  • kWh produced
  • utility dollars saved
  • avg kWh / year
  • avg kWh / month

Funding Spreadsheet

See examples of ways to fund school wind turbine projects.

Wind for Schools Funding Spreadsheet

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Welcome to the Wind for Schools Portal.

This site provides access to operational data from small wind turbines installed at K-12 schools in 12 states. For information about the Wind for Schools Project, please visit the U.S. Department of Energy's WINDExchange website.

Zoom in to see schools in a desired area. Select a school from the map and click "compare" to view live data and compare turbine performance with other nearby turbines. Click any number on the map to zoom in on a group of schools.

Scroll down to the School Turbine Overview table to see data from all projects. The table can be sorted by column by clicking the column header. Click the header again to sort in the opposite direction.

Interested in implementing or supporting wind projects for your local school district? Contact


Extra Credit Projects

Looking for extra credit projects? See the Wind for Schools Portal Developer Resources!