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Utility Rate Database

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Electric Utility Rates

The Utilities Gateway houses OpenEI's free, community-editable utility rate repository. OpenEI users may browse, edit and add new electric utility rates to OpenEI's repository. EIA provides the authoritative list of utility companies in the United States, and thus OpenEI limits utility rates to companies listed by EIA.

rates have been contributed for 3,748 EIA-recognized utility companies.

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Download all approved International rates (csv)

Utility Rate Database Description

The U.S. Utility Rate Database (USURDB) is a free storehouse of rate structure information from utilities in the United States. Here, you can search for your utilities and rates to find out exactly how you are charged for your electric energy usage. Understanding this information can help reduce your bill, for example, by running your appliances during off-peak hours (times during the day when electricity prices are less expensive) and help you make more informed decisions regarding your energy usage.

Rates are also extremely important to the energy analysis community for accurately determining the value and economics of distributed generation such as solar and wind power. In the past, collecting rates has been an effort duplicated across many institutions. Rate collection can be tedious and slow, however, with the introduction of the URDB, OpenEI aims to change how analysis of rates is performed. The URDB allows anyone to access these rates in a computer-readable format for use in their tools and models. OpenEI provides an API for software to automatically download the appropriate rates, thereby allowing detailed economic analysis to be done without ever having to directly handle complex rate structures. Essentially, rate collection and processing that used to take weeks or months can now be done in seconds!

NREL’s System Advisor Model or SAM (formerly Solar Advisor Model) has the ability to communicate with the OpenEI URDB over the internet. SAM can download any rate from the URDB directly into the program, thereby enabling users to conduct detailed studies on various power systems ranging in size from a small residential rooftop solar system to large utility scale installations. Other applications available at NREL, such as OpenPV and IMBY, will also utilize the URDB data.

Upcoming features include better support for entering net metering parameters, maps to summarize the data, geolocation capabilities, and hundreds of additional rates!

Utility Rate Database Visualization

OpenEI Utility Rate Coverage as of December 3rd, 2012

* This utility rate data is unrelated to the utility data access map.

How Can the Utility Rate Database be Used?

Using the System Advisor Model with the URDB enables users to perform economic analyses of energy systems. The Impacts of Utility Rates and Building Type on the Economics of Commercial Photovoltaic Systems evaluates solar value for different rate structures across the United States.

The results of this study can be found at Impact of Utility Rates on PV Economics - Digital Appendix.

Number of Utility Companies by State

Click on a state to view summaries for that state.

See a list of all U.S. utility companies and aliases

Average Energy Prices

Map of average US residential electricity price by utility service territory (EIA 2010 data)

Map of average US residential electricity price by utility service territory (EIA 2010 data).

Utility Rate Database API

Webservice.pngTrying to get this data by web service? Check out the utility rate API

OpenEI Community

This section of OpenEI has a dedicated community! Visit the utility rate community to ask a question or view discussions around utility rates!

Other Utility Rates Resources

Looking for a list of all U.S. utilities by zip code? Click here to download the data as a csv. Note: This file includes average rates for each utility, but not the detailed rate structure data found in the database above.

How does your electric utility compare with others on accessibility to your energy data?

See the latest maps

Dive into the maps and info pages to see what data your utility provides you! These maps give ratings to utility companies on how easy it is to access information such as energy use and prices.

Utility company representatives, please fill out the questionnaire to have your electric utility represented on the map.

System Advisor Model

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NREL's System Advisor Model now integrates with OpenEI's 0 utility rates, which aids analysis of simple net metered rates as well as complex rate structures that include time-of-use rates, demand charges, tiered rates, fixed monthly fees, adjustment riders, and separate buy and sell rates.

Visit the OpenEI EERE Tech Portal page for lists of all licensing opportunities