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Country Profile
Central African Republic
Population 4,709,000
GDP Unavailable
Energy Consumption 0.01 Quadrillion Btu
2-letter ISO code CF
3-letter ISO code CAF
Numeric ISO code 140
UN Region[1] Middle Africa
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CIA World Factbook, Appendix D[2]

Energy Resources

Resource Value Units Rank Period Source
Wind Potential 0 Area(km²) Class 3-7 Wind at 50m 94 1990 NREL
Solar Potential 1,833,110,583 MWh/year 47 2008 NREL
Coal Reserves 3.31 Million Short Tons 72 2008 EIA
Natural Gas Reserves 0 Cubic Meters (cu m) 193 2010 CIA World Factbook
Oil Reserves 0 Barrels (bbl) 192 2010 CIA World Factbook

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Reegle logo.png Policy and Regulatory Overview [3]

Central African Republic Policy and Regulatory Overview
Source: http://www.reegle.info/profiles/CF

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  1. UN Statistics Division
  2. CIA World Factbook, Appendix D
  3. Reegle Clean Energy Datasets

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The Central African Republic is a country in Africa.
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