Zunil Geothermal Area

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Zunil Geothermal Area

Area Overview

Geothermal Area Profile

Location: Guatemala

Exploration Region: Central American Volcanic Arc Chain

GEA Development Phase: Operational"Operational" is not in the list of possible values (Phase I - Resource Procurement and Identification, Phase II - Resource Exploration and Confirmation, Phase III - Permitting and Initial Development, Phase IV - Resource Production and Power Plant Construction) for this property.

Coordinates: 14.774121565429°, -91.506418800354°

Resource Estimate

Mean Reservoir Temp: 259°C532.15 K
498.2 °F
957.87 °R

Estimated Reservoir Volume: 2.7 km³2,700,000,000 m³
0.648 mi³
95,349,600,146.7 ft³
3,531,466,671.3 yd³
2,700,000,000,000 L

Mean Capacity: 28 MW28,000 kW
28,000,000 W
28,000,000,000 mW
0.028 GW
2.8e-5 TW

USGS Mean Reservoir Temp:

USGS Estimated Reservoir Volume:

USGS Mean Capacity:

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History and Infrastructure

Operating Power Plants: 1

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Developing Power Projects: 0

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Power Production Profile

Gross Production Capacity: 24 MW24,000 kW
24,000,000 W
24,000,000,000 mW
0.024 GW
2.4e-5 TW

Net Production Capacity:

Owners  :
  • Ormat

Power Purchasers :
  • Instituto Nacional de Electrificacion

Other Uses:

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Regulatory and Environmental Issues

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Exploration History

First Discovery Well

Completion Date:

Well Name:



Initial Flow Rate:
  • "ef" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
  • The given value was not understood.

Flow Test Comment:

Initial Temperature:

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Well Field Description

Well Field Information

Development Area:

Number of Production Wells: 7

Number of Injection Wells: 4

Number of Replacement Wells:

Average Temperature of Geofluid: 270°C543.15 K
518 °F
977.67 °R

Sanyal Classification (Wellhead):

Reservoir Temp (Geothermometry):

Reservoir Temp (Measured):

Sanyal Classification (Reservoir):

Depth to Top of Reservoir: 700 m0.7 km
0.435 mi
2,296.588 ft
765.527 yd

Depth to Bottom of Reservoir: 1600 m1.6 km
0.994 mi
5,249.344 ft
1,749.776 yd

Average Depth to Reservoir:

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Geology of the Area

Geologic Setting

Tectonic Setting: Subduction Zone

Controlling Structure:

Topographic Features:

Brophy Model: Type C: Caldera Resource

Moeck-Beardsmore Play Type: CV-1a: Magmatic - Extrusive, CV-1b: Magmatic - Intrusive"CV-1a: Magmatic - Extrusive, CV-1b: Magmatic - Intrusive" is not in the list of possible values (CV-1a: Magmatic - Extrusive, CV-1b: Magmatic - Intrusive, CV-2a: Plutonic - Recent or Active Volcanism, CV-2b: Plutonic - Inactive Volcanism, CV-3: Extensional Domain, CD-1: Intracratonic Basin, CD-2: Orogenic Belt, CD-3: Crystalline Rock - Basement) for this property.

Geologic Features

Modern Geothermal Features: Fumaroles, Hot Springs

Relict Geothermal Features:

Volcanic Age: Recent

Host Rock Age:

Host Rock Lithology: Granite; Volcanics

Cap Rock Age:

Cap Rock Lithology:

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Geofluid Geochemistry


Salinity (low):

Salinity (high):

Salinity (average):

Brine Constituents: High chloride [4]

Water Resistivity:

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NEPA-Related Analyses (0)

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CSV No NEPA-related documents listed.

Exploration Activities (0)

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List of existing Geothermal Resource Areas.

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