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Name Wyoming
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Wyoming is a state in the United States of America.

Energy Production by Technology in Wyoming

Fuel Source Value Units
Solar Power 0 MWh
Wind Power 2,213,820 MWh
Geothermal Power 0 MWh
Biomass Power 0 MWh
Total Energy Production from Non-Hydro Renewables 2,213,820 MWh
Hydro Power 853,609 MWh
HPS Power 0 MWh
Total Energy Production from Renewables 3,067,428 MWh
Coal Power 41,756,839 MWh
Gas Power 803,579 MWh
Petroleum Power 50,087 MWh
Nuclear Power 0 MWh
Other 0 MWh
Total Energy Production 45,677,968 MWh
Percent of Total Power from Non-Hydro Renewables 4.85  %
Percent of Total Power from Renewables 6.72  %
Source: 2009 EIA Data (Download)

Renewable Energy Technical Potential in Wyoming

Technology Generation Estimate Nameplate Capacity Area, Mass or Count
Urban Utility-scale PV 7,232 GWh7,232,000,000 kWh
7,232,000,000,000 Wh
7,232,000 MWh
2.60352e+16 J
3 GW3,000 MW
3,000,000 kW
3,000,000,000 W
3,000,000,000,000 mW
0.003 TW
75 km275,000,000 m²
28.95 mi²
807,292,500 ft²
89,700,000 yd²
18,532.875 acres
Rural Utility-scale PV 5,727,224 GWh5,727,224,000,000 kWh
5.727224e+15 Wh
5,727,224,000 MWh
2.061801e+19 J
2,854 GW2,854,000 MW
2,854,000,000 kW
2,854,000,000,000 W
2.854e+15 mW
2.854 TW
59,463 km259,463,000,000 m²
22,952.718 mi²
640,053,785,700 ft²
71,117,748,000 yd²
14,693,604.615 acres
Rooftop PV 1,550 GWh1,550,000,000 kWh
1,550,000,000,000 Wh
1,550,000 MWh
5.58e+15 J
1 GW1,000 MW
1,000,000 kW
1,000,000,000 W
1,000,000,000,000 mW
1.0e-3 TW
CSP 5,406,407 GWh5,406,407,000,000 kWh
5.406407e+15 Wh
5,406,407,000 MWh
1.946307e+19 J
1,955 GW1,955,000 MW
1,955,000,000 kW
1,955,000,000,000 W
1.955e+15 mW
1.955 TW
59,457 km259,457,000,000 m²
22,950.402 mi²
639,989,202,300 ft²
71,110,572,000 yd²
14,692,121.985 acres
Onshore Wind 1,653,856 GWh1,653,856,000,000 kWh
1.653856e+15 Wh
1,653,856,000 MWh
5.953882e+18 J
552 GW552,000 MW
552,000,000 kW
552,000,000,000 W
552,000,000,000,000 mW
0.552 TW
110,414 km2110,414,000,000 m²
42,619.804 mi²
1,188,485,254,600 ft²
132,055,144,000 yd²
27,283,851.47 acres
Offshore Wind N/A N/A N/A
Biopower-Solid 503 GWh503,000,000 kWh
503,000,000,000 Wh
503,000 MWh
1.8108e+15 J
0 GW0 MW
0 kW
0 W
0 mW
0 TW
457,298 BDT457,298,000 kg
457,298,000,000 g
457,298 tonnes
1,008,342,090 lbs
72,024,435 stones
Biopower-Gaseous 50 GWh50,000,000 kWh
50,000,000,000 Wh
50,000 MWh
180,000,000,000,000 J
0 GW0 MW
0 kW
0 W
0 mW
0 TW
10,670 Tonnes10,670,000 kg
10,670,000,000 g
23,527,350 lbs
1,680,525 stones
376,330,900 ounces
Geothermal Hydrothermal 1,373 GWh1,373,000,000 kWh
1,373,000,000,000 Wh
1,373,000 MWh
4.9428e+15 J
0 GW0 MW
0 kW
0 W
0 mW
0 TW
EGS Geothermal 1,070,078 GWh1,070,078,000,000 kWh
1.070078e+15 Wh
1,070,078,000 MWh
3.852281e+18 J
135 GW135,000 MW
135,000,000 kW
135,000,000,000 W
135,000,000,000,000 mW
0.135 TW
Hydropower 4,445 GWh4,445,000,000 kWh
4,445,000,000,000 Wh
4,445,000 MWh
1.6002e+16 J
1 GW1,000 MW
1,000,000 kW
1,000,000,000 W
1,000,000,000,000 mW
1.0e-3 TW
2,842 Sites
See Nationwide Statistics Source: 2012 National Renewable Energy Laboratory Data (Download)

Energy Maps featuring Wyoming

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Weather Related to Energy

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Wyoming is a state in the United States of America.

Wind Power

Per Wikipedia, "Wyoming has one of the highest wind power potentials of any US state." [1]

Wind Farms in Wyoming
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Coal Power

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Carbon Sequestration

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Power Transmission

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State Energy Program Funding

To date, Wyoming has received $24,941,000 from the Department of Energy's State Energy Program.[2]


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