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Exploration Technique: SWIR

"subject" is not in the list of possible values (100 feet cut, 30 foot core, compound, day, element, foot, hour, mile, point, process, sample, sq. mile, station, Subject, well) for this property.
Exploration Technique Information
Exploration Group: Remote Sensing Techniques
Exploration Sub Group: Passive Sensors
Parent Exploration Technique: Passive Sensors
Information Provided by Technique
Lithology: map characteristic minerals associated with hot springs/mineral deposits
Cost Information
Low-End Estimate (USD): 450.00
45,000 centUSD
0.45 kUSD
4.5e-4 MUSD
4.5e-7 TUSD
/ subject
Median Estimate (USD): 800.00
80,000 centUSD
0.8 kUSD
8.0e-4 MUSD
8.0e-7 TUSD
/ subject
High-End Estimate (USD): 6,000.00
600,000 centUSD
6 kUSD
0.006 MUSD
6.0e-6 TUSD
/ subject
Time Required
Low-End Estimate: 1 days
0.00274 years
24 hours
0.143 weeks
0.0329 months
/ job
Median Estimate: 1 days
0.00274 years
24 hours
0.143 weeks
0.0329 months
/ job
High-End Estimate: 5 days
0.0137 years
120 hours
0.714 weeks
0.164 months
/ job
Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) refers to multi- and hyperspectral data collected in the 1.4-3 µm wavelenth. SWIR (and NIR) is sometimes called "reflected infrared." It can be used to map the distribution of siliceous sinters and alteration associated with these deposits.
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Use in Geothermal Exploration
SWIR data allow mapping of characteristic minerals associated with hot springs/mineral deposits, including carbonate, kaolinite, alunite, buddingtonite, muscovite, and hydrothermal silica.

Physical Properties
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The electromagnetic spectrum.[1]

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    <metadesc> About SWIR, a geothermal exploration technique, including areas of use. </metadesc>