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In order to construct a utility-scale solar project, the developer must obtain access to land with sufficient solar resources. A right of way, lease, or other legal right to use the land must be obtained before development can begin. It is therefore critically important to determine who owns the land to be developed and what type of authorization is required. Authorization may be required from federal, state or local government agencies, tribes, or private landowners. Land access is a key consideration not only for the solar generation facilities - but also for rights of ways necessary to connect the solar project to the grid (access roads, gen-tie lines, encroachment, etc.)

Permitting Location Leasing Agency Competitive Land Leasing Noncompetitive Land Leasing Royalty Rate Competitive Land Lease Royalty Rate Noncompetitive Land Lease Royalty Rate Calculation Basis Royalty Distribution

Solar Land Access in California

California State Lands Commission

Solar Land Access in Federal

Solar Land Access in Nevada

Nevada Division of State Lands

Yes, public auction for leasing state lands.

Yes, for Right of Ways over state land.

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