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Construction activities during solar project development require numerous permits from federal, state, and local governments. Activities that may require permits include transporting construction materials, encroaching upon federal and state right-of-ways, demolishing existing structures, building new structures and prevention of storm water runoff.

State and local governments require transportation permits for transporting oversized equipment and construction materials on public roads. State and local governments require an encroachment permit for any object placed in, over, or under a local or state right-of-way (i.e. towers, poles, pipelines, fences, and other structures), as well as when a private access road or driveway joins a public road. If the project will cause storm water to disturb the soil, the developer will need a state construction storm water permit. In addition, many communities (nearly 20,000) in the United States voluntarily participate in the National Flood Insurance Program by adopting and enforcing floodplain management ordinances to reduce future flood damage.

If the project will provide non-municipal drinking water, the developer should consult the Drinking Water Flowchart applicable to the state which the project will take place. Finally, local governments generally require permits for demolishing an existing structure, building a new structure, earthmoving and grading activities, or exceptions from local zoning regulations.

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