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Regulatory and Permitting Information Desktop Toolkit

Washington Oversize-Overweight Load Permit (6-WA-a)

The Washington State Department of Transportation grants permits for vehicles and loads which exceed the limits outlined in the Washington Administrative Code.

Oversize-Overweight Load Permit Process

6-WA-a.1 to 6-WA-a.2 – Does the load Exceed the Applicable size or Weight Regulations?

The developer must obtain an Oversize/Overweight Permit if the project will require operation or transport of loads of a size or weight that exceeds the maximum dimensions established by WAC 468-38.

Non-divisible Load Maximums

  • Overwidth: Fourteen feet on any two-lane highway; twenty feet on any multiple-land highway where a physical barrier serving as a median divider separates the oncoming and opposing traffic lanes; thirty-two feet on any multiple-lane undivided highway.
  • Overheight: Any move involving height, especially permitted moves exceeding fourteen feet, are governed by the ability to clear overhead obstructions such as bridges, underpasses, wires, overhead signs, and other objects. Obtaining an Oversize/Overweight permit does not insure that the route will be free of overhead obstructions. It is the developer’s responsibility to check the proposed route and provide safe maneuvers around the obstruction or detours as necessary.
  • Overweight: Weight maximums for the movement of a non-divisible load under special permit are established in RCW 46.44.091. Tire loading for the movement of a non-divisible load is limited to the lesser of six hundred pounds per inch width of tire or the tire manufacturer’s rating with proper inflation. WAC 468-38-070.

Divisible Load Maximums WAC 468-38-071 outlines specific configurations that receive extra length, extra width, or extra height when carrying a divisible load. For example, an overlength permit may be issued to a truck-tractor to pull a single trailer, with a trailer length not to exceed fifty-six feet.

6-WA-a.3 – Application for an Oversize/Overweight Permit

The developer is required to submit the application to WSDOT in the form provided. The application details the load and routes of travel.

Washington State Oversize/Overweight Load Permit Application

6-WA-a.4 – Review Application

WSDOT will review the application to verify all information.

6-WA-a.5 to 6-WA-a.6 – Does WSDOT Approve the Application?

If WSDOT does not approve the application, then the developer should consider different options for transport. Single trip permits are valid for 3 days.

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