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Washington State Land Use Assessment (13-WA-a)

In Washington, a developer must consider the location and land use designations on certain land before constructing a hydroelectric or geothermal project. For instance, a developer may need to obtain a Coastal Zone Certificate of Consistency in order to comply with the Coastal Zone Management Act and Washington’s Coastal Zone Management Program. A developer may also need a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit, a Shoreline Conditional Use Permit, a Shoreline Variance or Shoreline Exemption for projects that interfere with State shorelands or are located near marine waters, streams, lakes, wetlands or floodplains.

State Land Use Assessment Process

13-WA-a.1 to 13-WA-a.2 – Is the Proposed Projected Located Within or Will the Proposed Project Affect a Coastal Zone?

In Washington, a developer may need to obtain a Coastal Zone Certificate of Consistency from the Washington Department of Ecology (“Department of Ecology”) for developments located within Washington’s coastal counties that involve federal activities, federal licenses or permits, and federal assistance programs. Washington Coastal Zone Management Program Document. The Department of Ecology reviews certain development proposals to determine whether those projects are consistent with Washington’s Coastal Zone Management Program in order to protect the State’s coastal resources. For more information, see:

Coastal Zone Management Federal Consistency Determination:

13-WA-a.3 to 13-WA-a.5 – Does the Project Interfere with the Public Use of Shorelands or Is the Project Located Within 200 Feet of Marine Waters, Streams, Lakes, Wetlands, or Floodplains?

In Washington, a developer may need to obtain a Shoreline Permit or Shoreline Exemption from the local government and/or the Department of Ecology for certain project developments as indicated in the local government’s Shoreline Master Program and/or the Shoreline Management Act (R.C.W. §§ 90.58 et seq.) Washington Department of Ecology – Shoreline Master Programs Webpage, Washington – Wash. Admin. Code §§ 173-27 et seq., Shoreline Management Permit and Enforcement Procedures. There are multiple shoreline authorizations including a Shoreline Conditional Use Permit, a Shoreline Exemption, a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit and a Shoreline Variance Permit. The type of shoreline authorization needed depends on the project location and specifications. For more information, see:

Shoreline Permits Overview:

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