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Washington State Cultural Considerations Overview (11-WA-a)

The developer will be required to comply with Washington state law when human remains or other cultural resources are discovered on a project site. Cultural resources include both historic and archaeological resources and sites. The discovery of cultural resources may require obtaining a permit and providing public notice and notice to Indian Tribes. Once the necessary procedures have been followed, the developer may continue with the project.

State Cultural Considerations Overview Process

11-WA-a.1 to 11-WA-a.2 – Have Potential Human Remains been Discovered?

If the developer discovers potential human remains during any part of the development process, then they must contact the proper authorities and comply with all requirements for removal.

Human Remains Process:

11-WA-a.3 to 11-WA-a.4 – Have other Cultural Resources been Discovered?

If other cultural or archaeological resources are discovered during development, the developer must comply with applicable state requirements for removal. The developer may be required to obtain an Archaeological Excavation Permit from the Washington Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation.

Archaeological Resource Discovery Process:


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