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Geothermal Well Field in Washington

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At a Glance

Jurisdiction: Washington

Drilling & Well Field Permit Agency: Washington State Department of Natural Resources

Drilling & Well Field Permit Drilling Permit

Contacts/Agencies: Washington State Department of Natural Resources

State Well Field Process

Developers must obtain a Drilling Permit from WSDNR and comply with all applicable notice and hearing requirements if they seek to drill a geothermal production well, re-drill an abandoned well, or drill a core hold deeper than 750 ft. WAC 332-17-100(1). For core holes less than 750 ft. deep, a Drilling Permit is still required, but developers are relieved from the public notice and hearing requirements necessary for most Drilling Permits. Developers are required to initiate review under the Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), including submitting a SEPA environmental checklist with the application. Developers are required to comply with the rules and regulations set out in RCW 78.60 and WAC 332-17 related to the drilling and development of the well.

Local Well Field Process

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Policies & Regulations


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