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Geothermal Well Field in Alaska

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At a Glance

Jurisdiction: Alaska

Drilling & Well Field Permit Agency: Alaska Division of Oil and Gas

Drilling & Well Field Permit All wells drilled in support or in search of the recovery or production of geothermal resources must comply with 20 AAC 25.705-.740. The developer should submit a Permit to Drill (Form 10-401) before drilling or redrilling a well or re-entering an abandoned well (20 AAC 25.005). Upon application, the AOGCC will classify a well as:
  • exploratory;
  • development, either oil or gas;
  • service; or
  • stratigraphic test.

Contacts/Agencies: Alaska Department of Natural Resources

State Well Field Process

Developers must obtain a Permit to Drill from the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC) if they wish to drill any wells in support or in search of the recovery or production of geothermal resources. 20 AAC 25.005. Developers must submit an application to AOGCC for review. AOGCC must provide public notice of the application on their webpage, and the public is given an opportunity to comment on the application. Developers proposing to drill a well must file a bond, and if required, security to ensure that each well is drilled, operated, maintained, repaired, and abandoned and each location is cleared in compliance with 20 AAC 25. AOGCC may approve or disapprove any Permit to Drill application following review. AOGCC may also attach stipulations to any application. Approval of any application will expire if drilling operations are not commenced within 24 months after approval. 20 AAC 25.005(g). Developers must file a Well Completion or Re-Completion Report and Log with AOGCC once drilling operations have ceased. 20 AAC 25.105.

Local Well Field Process

not available

Policies & Regulations


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