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Geothermal Water Quality in Alaska

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At a Glance

Jurisdiction: Alaska

State Nonpoint Source Pollution Process: Alaska’s Nonpoint Source Water Pollution Control Strategy is a statewide plan for protecting Alaska’s natural resources from polluted runoff also known as nonpoint pollution. The Plan identifies existing programs, sets a strategy for implementing these programs, establishes goals, objectives, and timelines for completion of tasks, and outlines methods for determining success. The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) is the agency charged with oversight and implementation of the Plan.

Nonpoint Source Pollution Agency: Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

State Discharge Elimination System: Alaska Pollution Discharge Elimination System (APDES) permits establish conditions and limits for the discharge of pollutants from domestic and industrial sources in Alaska. A general permit regulates discharges from more than one facility with similar wastewater characteristics in a defined geographical area (which can be statewide). An operator of a facility that meets the eligibility requirements of the general permit will be authorized to discharge waste after filing a Notice of Intent (NOI) with the ADEC, so long as all conditions of the permit are met. If the conditions for an existing general permit are not met, the developer must file an individual APDES permit application or petition the ADEC to issue a new type of general permit.

Discharge Elimination System Agency: Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

UIC Permit Process: The Alaska Underground Injection Control Permit is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA regulates Class V injection wells on Federal lands, many tribal lands, and in some states, including Alaska. Injection wells are overseen by one of EPA's Region 10 office.

UIC Permit Agency: United States Environmental Protection Agency

Groundwater Discharge Permit Process:

Groundwater Discharge Permit Agency:


State Water Quality Process

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Local Water Quality Process

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