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Geothermal Power Plant in Washington

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At a Glance

Jurisdiction: Washington

Power Plant Siting: Energy Facility Siting Certification

Power Plant Siting Agency: Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council

Power Plant Siting MW Threshold: N/A

Definition for Public Utility:

Coordinating Permit Offices: None

Coordinating Permit Process: N/A

Coordinating Permit Offices MW Threshold: N/A

Coordinating Permit Offices Agency:

Agencies Coordinating: N/A

Coordinating Permit Offices Note Section: N/A

Public Utility Regulatory Authority:

Public Utility Regulatory Authority Certification MW Threshold: N/A

Public Utility Definition for Power Generator:

Contacts/Agencies: Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council

State Power Plant Process

Developers of geothermal projects may choose to receive Energy Facility Siting Certification from the Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC), but it is not required. RCW 80.50.060(2). Developers who choose to obtain certification must comply with the applicable adjudicative proceeding procedures outlined in RCW 80.50.090(3). Following adjudicative proceedings, the Draft Site Certification Agreement will be forwarded to the Governor for approval. WAC 463-30-320.

Local Power Plant Process

not available

Policies & Regulations


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