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Regulatory and Permitting Information Desktop Toolkit


Geothermal Regulations and Permitting

Working on a geothermal project is a multiyear venture that requires following regulations and gathering permits during each phase of the project. Search below for information overviews on specific topics to discover some of the regulatory nuances for particular jurisdictions. To help navigate the regulatory process and point you toward specific actions and permits, review the detailed flowcharts provided in the flowchart library.

GeoCoverage.png Regulations and permitting information coverage for geothermal

Regulatory Processes

View regulatory flowcharts for detailed information about federal and state requirements and permits. Federal flowcharts pertain to all geothermal projects. Contact us about including flowcharts for your state.

Regulatory Information Overviews

Find overviews of bulk transmission regulatory topics and jurisdictions using the dropdown boxes below, or see the full list of regulatory information overviews.