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Bulk Transmission Transmission Siting & Interconnection in Alaska

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At a Glance

Jurisdiction: Alaska

State Siting Act:

State Preemptive Authority

Siting/Permitting Entities: Regulatory Commission of Alaska

Permit/Authorization Required: Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity


Application Requirements:

Permit Processing Timeframe:

Contacts/Agencies: Regulatory Commission of Alaska

General Transmission Siting & Interconnection Overview

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State Transmission Siting & Interconnection Process

Developers of transmission lines and facilities are included under the regulation of public utilities in Alaska, and as such must obtain a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity from the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) if they qualify as a “public utility” and are seeking to sell excess capacity to the electrical grid. A “public utility” or “utility” includes every corporation whether public, cooperative, or otherwise, company, individual, or association of individuals, their lessees, trustees, or receivers appointed by a court, that owns, operates, manages, or controls any plant, pipeline, or system for furnishing, by generation, transmission, or distribution, electrical service to the public for compensation. If a CPCN is required, then developers must submit a completed application with RCA along with any required information. RCA will provide public notice of the application, and allow the public to comment. 3 AAC 48.645(a). RCA may approve or deny a CPCN request, and will outline reasons for any denial.

Local Transmission Siting & Interconnection Process

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Policies & Regulations


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