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Texas Bulk Transmission Transmission & Interconnection(8-TX)

Developers of new transmission facilities must obtain a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity from the PUCT before providing service to the public. PURA 37.051(a). A certificate, or certificate amendment, is required for a new generating unit – a new electric generating unit constructed, owned, or operated by a bundled electric utility. A CCN is only required if the transmission line developer is a public utility and a “retail electric utility.” A “retail electric utility” is defined as a person, political subdivision, electric cooperative, or agency that operates, maintains, or controls a facility to provide retail electric utility service. PUCT Sub. Rule 25.101 outlines specific situations in which a CCN is not required. For example, “routine activities” do not require a CCN. PUCT Sub. Rule 25.101(c)(5). Developers are required to submit an application for a CCN to PUCT for review. PUCT will then provide public notice, and the developer may be required to participate in a public hearing.

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