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Nebraska Bulk Transmission Transmission & Interconnection(8-NE)

In Nebraska, a transmission developer must obtain authority to construct, operate and maintain electric transmission lines from the Nebraska Power Review Board and the Nebraska Public Service Commission.

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Determine Which State and Federal Permits Apply

Use this overview flowchart and following steps to learn which federal and state permits apply to your projects.

Permitting at a Glance

Nebraska Federal

State or Preemptive Authority: Nebraska Public Service Commission for certain lines outside any incorporated city or village. 75 N.R.S. §§ 709-710.
Transmission Siting Agency: Nebraska Public Service Commission
Transmission Siting Process: Nebraska Public Service Commission approval is necessary for transmission and distribution lines (and increases in voltage of existing lines) that meet certain specifications. 75 N.R.S. § 710, 291 N.A.C. § 002.01
Transmission Siting Threshold: Transmission lines that exceed 1,500 volts that will be located within a quarter mile of any existing electric line or are in excess of 700 volts that will be located within 500 feet of any existing electric lines or railroad signal lines. 75 N.R.S. § 710, 291 N.A.C. § 002.01.
Siting Act: Nebraska does not have a state siting act.
Regulated Entity Definition: An electric supplier is “any legal entity supplying, producing, or distributing electricity within the state for sale at wholesale or retail.” 70 N.R.S. § 1001.01(2). An electric supplier also includes private electric suppliers “producing electricity from a privately developed renewable energy generation . . . .” 70 N.R.S. § 1001.01(3).
Public Utility Regulatory Authority Certification Transmission Threshold: Any electric generating facility, or transmission line, or related facilities constructed or acquired by any electric supplier “carrying more than seven hundred (700) volts” must first receive Nebraska Power Review Board approval. 70 N.R.S. § 1012(1), 285 N.A.C. § 2-002.
Permit Processing Timeframe: Nebraska Power Review Board must make a decision to approve or deny the NPRB – Transmission Application within 60 days after the conclusion of the hearing. 70 N.R.S. § 1013(1).

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