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Bulk Transmission Land Use in Washington

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State Land Use Process

Land use planning in Washington is primarily delegated to municipalities. The Planning Enabling Act (RCW 36.70) mandates regional planning at the county-level. Through the regional planning process, counties adopt comprehensive regional plans. RCW 36.70.320. Developers will be required to comply with any local land use plans during their project.

Local Land Use Process

Local governments have authority to develop and implement comprehensive plans and development regulation processes to regulate local land use. [1][2] The Washington Growth Management Act [3][4] states that the local governments should include regulations on transmission line facilities in these comprehensive plans and development regulation processes, making each local government’s process different. As discussed above, the EFSLA has preemptive authority over local governments, however, local governments will still have input into the final decision should a developer choose to opt-in to the state process.

Policies & Regulations

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