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Bulk Transmission Land Use in Oregon

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State Land Use Process

Developers must comply with local land use planning requirements in Oregon. Land use planning in Oregon is guided by the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) under O.R.S. 197 and O.A.R. 660.

Local Land Use Process

Under state law, Oregon counties and cities are required to have a comprehensive land use plan and implementing regulations. Local review and permitting of a transmission line project will vary depending on the local government entity affected. However, if a proposed transmission line is to be located in an Exclusive Farm Use Zone (EFU) or a forest zone, then the applicant would be subject to standards set forth in O.R.S. 215 and Land Conservation and Development Commission’s administrative rule on agricultural land (O.A.R. Chapter 660, Division 33)[1] and forest lands (O.A.R. Chapter 660, Division 6).

Policies & Regulations

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