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Bulk Transmission Land Use in Montana

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State Land Use Process

Land use planning in Montana is primarily delegated to local governments pursuant to the Local Planning Enabling Act (M.C.A. secs. 71-1-01 to 71-1-606). Planning jurisdictions may encompass incorporated urban areas or entire counties. If a land use / growth plan is in place, developers must comply with the plan.

Local Land Use Process

Under state laws, Montana counties and municipalities are given zoning authority to regulate and restrict the use of land and require permits for buildings within their jurisdiction lines. The Montana Municipal Zoning Enabling Act [1] empowers cities and towns to control zoning and building, while the Montana County Planning and Zoning Commission Act[2] allows counties to adopt zoning ordinances. Land use permits will be required for each local government associated with the transmission lines, however, regulations will vary.

  1. Montana Code 76-2-301, 302
  2. Montana Code 76-2-201

Policies & Regulations

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