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Bulk Transmission Land Use in Arizona

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State Land Use Process

In Arizona, land use planning is under the jurisdiction of counties and cities. Arizona Revised Statutes (S. 11-821 and S. 9-461) require counties and cities to develop plans and implement them through zoning. Counties prepare comprehensive plans and cities prepare general plans.

Agricultural, ranching, mining, and railroad activities are exempt from zoning regulations per Arizona Revised Statutes (S. 11-830).

Local Land Use Process

The state of Arizona authorizes transmission lines that are designed for 115 kilovolts or higher through the ACC (Arizona State Legislature Revised Statutes Title 40 Article 201, 281, and 360). As a result, land use permits from the nine counties in the Arizona study area would not be required. Land use permits, would, however be required for construction of substations and other development permits such as building permits, right-of-way permits, grading permits, and construction permits would be required for transmission line and substation construction.

Policies & Regulations

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