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Hawaii Bulk Transmission Land Access(3-HI)

For projects that require occupancy of a state highway or parking within restricted sections, in order for construction adjacent to or within a state highway ROW, developers will need to obtain a Use and Occupancy Permit from the Hawaii Department of Transportation Highways Division (HDOT) in accordance with H.A.R. 19-105 . For projects that require routine construction/maintenance within a state highway ROW, including the minor adjustment of utilities or overhead or underground utility crossings, the developer must obtain a Permit to Perform Work on State Highways from the HDOT pursuant to H.R.S. 264-7 - Permits, Fees, Etc.. For projects that require crossing or entering the state Energy Corridor on Oahu due to construction activities, developers will need to obtain an approval letter to Cross or Enter the State Energy Corridor from the Hawaii Department of Transportation Harbors Division pursuant to H.R.S. 277 - Energy Corridors. The harbors division will not issue a letter of approval unless all three utilities (Hawaiian Electric Company, Hawaii Gas, and Par Petroleum) approve the proposal.

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