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RAPIDRegulatory and Permitting Information Desktop Toolkit

Best Practices

In its review of regulatory and permitting practices, the RAPID Toolkit team has identified a set of best practices for efficiently permitting renewable energy and bulk transmission projects. Best practices include helpful information such as descriptions, case studies, templates, and how-to information.

Explore the best practices below, or learn how to contribute best practices of your own.


Coordinating Permit Offices

Geothermal,  Solar,  Bulk Transmission

Landscape-Scale Mitigation

Bulk Transmission,  Geothermal,  Solar

NEPA Timelines


Online Permitting Systems

Geothermal,  Bulk Transmission,  Solar

Public Involvement

Bulk Transmission,  Geothermal,  Solar

Purpose and Need

Bulk Transmission,  Geothermal,  Solar

Transmission Line Siting and Permitting

Bulk Transmission,  Geothermal,  Solar