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Property Name TwitterHandle
Property Type Text
Description A Twitter handle in @Whatever format (not the full url)

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4-County Electric Power Assn +@4CountyElectric


AEP Generating Company +@AEPnews
AEP Ohio +@AEPOhio
AEP Texas Central Company +@aeptexas
AEP Texas North Company +@AEPTexas
AES Eastern Energy LP +@TheAESCorp
AMECO Solar +@AmecoSolar
APNA Energy +@apnaenergy
Accent Energy Holdings, LLC +@igsenergy
Accent Energy Holdings, LLC (New York) +
Accent Energy Holdings, LLC (Texas) +@igsenergy
Adams Electric Cooperative Inc +@aec_coop
Adams-Columbia Electric Coop +@ACECWI
Adrian Public Utilities Comm +@mresnews
Agralite Electric Coop +@Agralite
Aiken Electric Coop Inc +@AikenElectric
Alabama Power Co +@AlabamaPower
Alaska Electric & Energy Coop +@HomerElectric
Alaska Electric Light&Power Co +@aelpjuneau
Albany Water Gas & Light Comm +@ALBYWGL
Allamakee-Clayton El Coop, Inc +@AllClayElectric
Altamaha Electric Member Corp +@AltamahaEMC
Ambit Energy, L.P. +@AmbitEnergy
Ambit Energy, L.P. (Maryland) +@AmbitEnergy
Ambit Energy, L.P. (New York) +@AmbitEnergy
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