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Property Name TransportToolkit/AvoidShiftImprove
Property Type String
Description Transport Toolkit property to help filter pages

Valid values are Avoid, Shift, Improve Used in Form/Template Tool

Allows Values Avoid;Shift;Improve


This property has the following 1 subproperty:


Pages using the property "TransportToolkit/AvoidShiftImprove"

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A Report on Worldwide Hydrogen Bus Demonstrations, 2002-2007 +Improve  +
A Review of HOV Lane Performance and Policy Options in the United States - Final Report +Avoid  +, Shift  +, Improve  +
A Roadmap to Funding Infrastructure Development +Avoid  +, Shift  +, Improve  +
Accessing Climate Finance for Sustainable Transport: A practical overview +Avoid  +, Shift  +, Improve  +
Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic Documents: ARCGIS Shape File, all Countries +Avoid  +, Shift  +, Improve  +
Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic Documents: Interactive MAP in PDF, all Countries +Avoid  +, Shift  +, Improve  +
Alternative Fueling Station Locator +Improve  +
Alternative Fuels Data Center +Improve  +
Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center - Codes and Standards Resources +Improve  +
Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center - Federal and State Incentives and Laws Database +Avoid  +, Shift  +, Improve  +
Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center - Fleet Experiences +Avoid  +, Improve  +
Alternative Ways of Financing Infrastructure Investment: Potential for ‘Novel’ Financing Models +Avoid  +, Shift  +, Improve  +
Annual Monitoring Report Interactive Map +Avoid  +, Shift  +, Improve  +
Are We Heading Towards a Reversal of the Trend for Ever-Greater Mobility? +Avoid  +, Shift  +, Improve  +
Asian Development Bank - Transport +Avoid  +, Shift  +, Improve  +
Assessment of the type of cycling infrastructure required to attract new cyclists +Avoid  +, Shift  +
Asset Management for Sustainable Road Funding +Improve  +
Australia's Green Vehicle Guide +Avoid  +, Shift  +, Improve  +


Bike-Sharing:History, Impacts, Models of Provision, and Future +Avoid  +, Shift  +
Biodiesel Handling and Use Guide +Improve  +
Bus Rapid Transit Planning Guide +Improve  +
Business Case for Compressed Natural Gas in Municipal Fleets +Improve  +


Calculating CO2 Emissions from Mobile Sources +Shift  +, Improve  +
Canada's Fuel Consumption Guide +Avoid  +, Shift  +, Improve  +
Capacity Building on Sustainable Urban Transport (CAPSUT) +Avoid  +, Shift  +, Improve  +
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