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Property Name TransThresholdCert
Property Type Text
Description Used by the RAPID toolkit state level permitting forms.

Pages using the property "TransThresholdCert"

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RAPID/Geothermal/California/Transmission +Transmission lines must be 50 kV or greater.
RAPID/Geothermal/Colorado/Transmission +Varies, with a minimum of 115 kV.
RAPID/Geothermal/Hawaii/Transmission +No threshold provided
RAPID/Geothermal/Montana/Transmission +No threshold provided.
RAPID/Geothermal/Nevada/Transmission +None
RAPID/Geothermal/New Mexico/Transmission +None
RAPID/Geothermal/Oregon/Transmission +No threshold provided.
RAPID/Geothermal/Texas/Transmission +No threshold provided. Siting requirements do not apply to "routine activities."
RAPID/Geothermal/Utah/Transmission +None
RAPID/Solar/California/Transmission +Transmission lines must be 50 kV or greater.