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Alden Research Laboratory, Inc +Alden Tow Tank  +, Alden Wave Basin  +, Alden Small Flume  +,


Bucknell University +Bucknell Hydraulic Flume  +


Cornell University Hydrodynamics +DeFrees Flume 1  +, DeFrees Flume 2  +, DeFrees Flume 3  +,


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hydrodynamics +MIT Tow Tank  +


Northwest Hydraulic Consultants +NHC Large Flume  +, NHC Cold Room  +
Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd. +NHC Large Flume  +


Ohmsett +Ohmsett Tow Tank  +
Oregon State University Hydrodynamics +Hinsdale Wave Basin 1  +, Hinsdale Wave Basin 2  +


Pennsylvania State University Hydrodynamics +Penn Reverberant Tank  +, Penn Small Water Tunnel  +, Penn Large Water Tunnel  +


Sandia National Laboratories Hydrodynamics +Sandia Lake Facility  +
Stevens Institute of Technology +Davidson Laboratory Tow Tank  +


Texas A&M (Haynes) +Haynes Wave Basin  +, Haynes Tow Tank  +
Texas A&M (OTRC) +OTRC Wave Basin  +


United States Army Corp of Engineers (ERDC) +L-Shaped Flume Wave Basin  +, Precision Flow Table  +, Sectional Model Flume Facilities  +,
United States Geological Survey, HIF +Stennis Flume  +, Stennis Tow Tank  +
United States Geological Survey, LSC +Conte Large Flume  +, Conte Small Flume  +
United States Naval Surface Warfare Center +Carderock Large Cavitation Tunnel  +, Carderock Tow Tank 3  +, Carderock Subsonic Wind Tunnel  +,
University of California, Berkeley +Richmond Field Station Tow Tank  +
University of California, San Diego (Scripps) +Scripps Channel 1  +, Scripps Channel 2  +, Scripps Flume  +
University of Iowa +Sediment Basin Flume  +, Small Towing Tank  +, Environmental Flume  +,
University of Maine Hydrodynamics +Maine Tow Tank  +
University of Michigan Hydrodynamics +MHL Student Tunnel  +, MHL Tow Tank  +, MHL High Speed Cavitation  +,
University of Minnesota Hydrodynamics +SAFL Channel  +
University of New Hampshire Hydrodynamics +Tidal Energy Test Platform  +, Chase Tow Tank  +, Open Ocean Aquaculture & Wave Energy Site  +
University of New Orleans +Lakefront Tow Tank  +
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