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Property Name Term
Property Type String
Description The term or concept being defined on a Definition page.

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2-M Probe Survey +2-M Probe Survey  +


Accommodation Zone +Accommodation Zone  +
Acoustic Logs +Acoustic Logs  +
Acoustic Televiewer +Acoustic Televiewer  +
Active Seismic Techniques +Active Seismic Techniques  +
Active Sensors +Active Sensors  +
Adaptive Protection +Adaptive Protection  +
Adequacy +Adequacy  +
Adjacent Balancing Authority +Adjacent Balancing Authority  +
Advanced Interrupting Switch +Advanced Interrupting Switch  +
Advanced Metering Infrastructure +Advanced Metering Infrastructure  +
Advanced Metering Infrastructure (Ami) / Smart Meters +Advanced Metering Infrastructure (Ami) / Smart Meters  +
Advanced Transmission Applications +Advanced Transmission Applications  +
Adverse Reliability Impact +Adverse Reliability Impact  +
Aerial Photography +Aerial Photography  +
Aeromagnetic Survey +Aeromagnetic Survey  +
Air Cooling +Air Cooling  +
Airborne Gravity Survey +Airborne Gravity Survey  +
Algae +Algae  +
Algae fuel +Algae fuel  +
Alternating current +Alternating current  +
Alternative-fuel vehicle +Alternative-fuel vehicle  +
Alternator +Alternator  +
Altitude Correction Factor +Altitude Correction Factor  +
Alunite +Alunite  +
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