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Property Name Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW)
Property Type String

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MHK Technologies/Aegir Dynamo +100kW built and tested with 45kW 200kW and 1 4MW designs in development  +
MHK Technologies/AirWEC +5kW  +
MHK Technologies/Aquantis +Proprietary  +
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AN 150 +0.15  +
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AR 1000 +1  +
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AS 400 +0.4  +
MHK Technologies/Bluetec +1  +
MHK Technologies/Canal Power +Variable  +
MHK Technologies/Current Power +from 10 kW and up  +
MHK Technologies/CurrentStar +1  +
MHK Technologies/Deep Green +500 kW  +
MHK Technologies/Deep water capable hydrokinetic turbine +30MW  +
MHK Technologies/Electric Buoy +1 meter Buoy 1 5kW 10 meter Buoy 300kW  +
MHK Technologies/Electric Generating Wave Pipe +Potential 40 500KW 5MW per unit within cluster Cluster quantity unlimited  +
MHK Technologies/European Pico Pilot Plant +400kW  +
MHK Technologies/Evopod E1 +0 001  +
MHK Technologies/Evopod E35 +0 035  +
MHK Technologies/Float Wave Electric Power Station +Single Modular FWEPS up to 50 kW and Multi Modular Installation in a Grid Form Dozens of MW  +
MHK Technologies/Floating anchored OTEC plant +The first technology demonstration ocean model is expected to be able to generate 60 kilowatt of net power The first production model is expected to be able to generate 12 megawatt of net electricity  +
MHK Technologies/GyroWaveGen +Expected to be in range 10kW 350kW depending on scale of device Low power device allows for use on large lakes or eastern coastlines  +
MHK Technologies/Gyroscopic wave power generation system +0 05  +
MHK Technologies/HyPEG +8MW each  +
MHK Technologies/HydroCoil Turbine +Proprietary  +
MHK Technologies/HydroGen 10 +7 5 kW  +
MHK Technologies/Hydroflo +120 kw per unit  +
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