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Property Name SmallHydroPrgm
Property Type Text
Description Used by the RAPID toolkit state level permitting forms.

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RAPID/Hydropower/Colorado/Power Plant +Small, low-impact hydroelectric projects may qualify for the Streamlined Small, Low Impact Hydropower Permitting Program (Program). The Program reduces the time it may take to undergo the state environmental review process, which in turn, may lead to quicker FERC processing of a license or exemption application.
RAPID/Hydropower/Vermont/Power Plant +Vermont’s [[Vermont Small Hydropower Assistance Program Overview|Small Hydropower Assistance Program]] is an optional program that provides enhanced assistance from the [[Vermont Agency of Natural Resources]], the [[Vermont Department of Public Service|Vermont Public Service Department]] and the Vermont State Historic Preservation Office of the [[Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development]], for small, low-impact projects. The Program is designed to provide an expedited review process for small-low-impact hydroelectric projects in accordance with the [[Vermont Small Hydropower Assistance Program Overview|Small Hydropower Assistance Program]].