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Property Name SitingAct
Property Type Text
Description Used by the RAPID toolkit state level permitting forms.

Pages using the property "SitingAct"

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RAPID/BulkTransmission/Arizona/Transmission +[ Arizona Revised Statute Title 40, Chapter 2, Article 6.2]
RAPID/BulkTransmission/California/Transmission +[ Public Utilities Act]
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Colorado/Transmission +None
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Idaho/Transmission +[ Idaho Statutes Title 61 Chapter 17 §61-1703] (For transmission lines within a NIETC)
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Montana/Transmission +Montana Major Facility Siting Act (MFSA)
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Nevada/Transmission +Utility Environmental Protection Act (UEPA)
RAPID/BulkTransmission/New Mexico/Transmission +New Mexico Statutes (N.M.S.) [ 62-9-1, 62-9-3(B), and 62-9-3.2]
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Oregon/Transmission +[ Oregon Revised Statutes (O.R.S.) 469.310]
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Utah/Transmission +[ Siting of High Voltage Power Line Act]
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Washington/Transmission +Energy Facility Site Location Act
RAPID/BulkTransmission/Wyoming/Transmission +[ Wyoming Industrial Development and Siting Act (WISA)]