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Property Name RoyaltyCalculation
Property Type Text
Description Used by the RAPID toolkit state level permitting forms.

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RAPID/Solar/Land Access/Federal +The rental schedule for utility-scale solar ROWs consists of two components. The first component is a base rental per acre annual fee based on the value of the land subject to the ROW. The second component is a megawatt (MW) capacity fee. The MW capacity fee is charged on an annual basis, starting when the facility beings producing electricity. The MW capacity fee will be implemented over five years after the start of electrical generation to allow for diligent testing and operation, with the fee increasing by 20% each year. For PV, the MW capacity fee is $5,256 per MW per year, for Concentrated PV and CSP without storage it is $6,570 per MW per year and for CSP with storage capacity of 3 hours or more it is $7,884 for MW per year.