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Property Name RPSRegAgency
Property Type Text
Description Used by the RAPID toolkit state level permitting forms.

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RAPID/Hydropower/California/Power Plant +[[Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System]] (WREGIS)  +
RAPID/Hydropower/Colorado/Power Plant +[[Western Electricity Coordinating Council]] (WECC); [[Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System]] (WREGIS)  +
RAPID/Hydropower/Indiana/Power Plant +The [[Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission]] administers the CPS program and measures compliance with tradeable Clean Energy Credits. Excess credits may only be counted toward the current or next goal period. [[Indiana – Ind. Code. §§ 8-1-27 et seq., Voluntary Clean Energy Portfolio Standard|Ind. Code. §8-1-27]].  +
RAPID/Hydropower/New York/Power Plant +[[New York Generation Attribute Tracking System]] (NYGATS)  +
RAPID/Hydropower/Ohio/Power Plant +PJM /MISO [[Generation Attribute Tracking System]] (GATS)  +
RAPID/Hydropower/Pennsylvania/Power Plant +PJM [[Generation Attribute Tracking System]] (GATS)  +
RAPID/Hydropower/Vermont/Power Plant +[[New England Power Pool Generation Information System]] (NEPOOL)  +
RAPID/Hydropower/Washington/Power Plant +[[Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System]] (WREGIS)  +