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Property Name Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions
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MHK Technologies/Aegir Dynamo +Proprietary
MHK Technologies/AirWEC +15kW per meter of wave front or greater
MHK Technologies/Aquantis +Aquantis is designed to harness the energy from the Gulf Stream and other steady marine currents around the world. The technology is suitable for both steady marine currents and tidal currents although there are system differences and specific arraying and deployment requirements for each.
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AN 150 +Operating currents: Minimum: 1 m/s Maximum: 5 m/s Operating depths: Maximum: 25 m (if via pylon)
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AR 1000 +AR turbines are rated at 2.65 m/s of water flow velocity.
MHK Technologies/Canal Power +Optimal conditions are canals such as the California aqueduct, where power farming is possible with the right technology. The SAHT was specifically designed for the aqueduct, where water is flowing at about 4 feet per second. Flow must be accelerated and constricted to produce useful volumes of power.
MHK Technologies/Current Electric Generator +The Current Electric Generator will only need consistant rotation to be efficient The scale of the generator is directly related to the speed of the current Faster currents will be appropriate for bigger generators The important thing is that the revolutions be consistant with the water current speed for optimal electricity production
MHK Technologies/Current Power +preferably 1m s or more
MHK Technologies/Deep Green +Water depth of 80 m and a current velocity of 1 5 m s
MHK Technologies/Deep water capable hydrokinetic turbine +This system is designed for use in Florida s Gulf Stream however any constant ocean current is suitable
MHK Technologies/ECO Auger +10 feet of water
MHK Technologies/Electric Buoy +AMI calculates the power capacity for the 1 meter diameter buoy operating in 2 meter ocean swells with an approximate period of 7 5 seconds The calculations for the 10 meter diameter buoy are for a 3 25 meter swell with an approximate period of 10 seconds
MHK Technologies/Electric Generating Wave Pipe +Wave height 6 ft wave period 20 ft water depth 30 ft device width 40 ft Max power 450 KW
MHK Technologies/European Pico Pilot Plant +Approximately Hs 2 5m and Te 10s However due to technical difficulties excessive vibrations in the turbo generation group that were inherited from the origins of the project 1990s rated power could never be yielded Rotational speed has had to be limited to 1100rpm in the beginning rated speed is 1500 later improvements allowed to yield 1300rpm By summer 2009 it is expected to yield 1450rpm as maximum operational speed generator limited after final improvements
MHK Technologies/Evopod E1 +The device is being tested in flow speeds that peak at around 1 8 m s
MHK Technologies/Evopod E35 +The prototype device is being deployed in a tidal stream area where the peak spring tide flow speed is 2 m s The device can be deployed in a range of flow conditions up to 3 5 m s with adjustments made to the turbine diameter to maintain the nominal rated output of the device
MHK Technologies/Float Wave Electric Power Station +Oscillatory property of the FWEPS when matched with outer wave space gives an installation the most effective mode for energy taking off and sustainable operation at varying wave height period through tuning to changeable external conditions
MHK Technologies/Floating anchored OTEC plant +Warm tropical ocean with depth of 600 meters or more
MHK Technologies/GyroWaveGen +Assuming 30 40 wave energy conversion per device locations providing at least 20kW m of average wave energy would be optimum This would correspond to an average wave height of approximately 1 5 2m For the higher output 250 350kW devices a wave height of 3 4m would be optimal
MHK Technologies/HyPEG +Greater than 40 depth greater than 10 knots of current
MHK Technologies/HydroCoil Turbine +Proprietary
MHK Technologies/Hydroflo +Water velocity of 3 m sec One directional flow
MHK Technologies/IVEC Floating Wave Power Plant +Estimation of generated power for different regions Location QLD SA TAS NZ 50 X 200 metre platform 400kW 800kW 1100kW 2000kW
MHK Technologies/Indian Wave Energy Device IWAVE +wave height minimum 1 M
MHK Technologies/Kinetic Hydropower System KHPS +Min current velocity 2 5 m s Min depth 10 m
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