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Property Name OpenEI/CETSI/CommunityPopulation
Property Type String
Description The size of the community.

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Animal Farm Powers Village +290  +


Chicago Climate Action Plan +2,860,000  +
City of Aspen Climate Action Plan +6,089  +
Community Renewable Energy Deployment: City of Montpelier Project +7,705  +
Community Renewable Energy Deployment: Forest County Potawatomi Tribe +531  +
Community Renewable Energy Deployment: Haxtun Wind Project +4,480  +
Community Renewable Energy Deployment: Sacramento Municipal Utility District Projects +595,076  +
Community Renewable Energy Deployment: University of California at at Davis Project +32,153  +
Community Response to Concentrating Solar Power in the San Luis Valley +619  +


First Known Use of QECBs will Save Yolo County at lease $8.7 Million of the Next 25 Years +200,709  +
From Tragedy to Triumph: Rebuilding Greensburg, Kansas, To Be a 100% Renewable Energy City +2,421  +


Greensburg, Kansas--A Better, Greener Place to Live +2,421  +


How Would You Rebuild a Town - Green? +2,421  +
Humboldt County RESCO Project +131,600  +


Lessons Learned: Creating the Chicago Climate Action Plan +2,860,000  +


New York City Transit Diesel Hybrid-Electric Buses Final Results: DOE/ NREL Transit Bus Evaluation Project +81,751,333  +


Rebuilding After Disaster: Going Green from the Ground Up +2,421  +
Rebuilding Greensburg, Kansas, as a Model Green Community: A Case Study +2,421  +
Rebuilding It Better: BTI-Greensburg John Deere Dealership +2,421  +
Rebuilding It Better: Greensburg, Kansas, Business Incubator +2,421  +
Rebuilding It Better: Greensburg, Kansas, City Hall +2,421  +
Rebuilding It Better: Greensburg, Kansas, K-12 School +2,421  +
Rebuilding It Better: Greensburg, Kansas, Kiowa County Courthouse +2,421  +
Rebuilding It Better: Greensburg, Kansas, Kiowa County Memorial Hospital +2,421  +
Renewable-Based Energy Secure Communities (RESCOs) University of California, Merced +3,191  +