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Property Name NoncompeteLeasing
Property Type Text
Description Used by the RAPID toolkit state level permitting forms.

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RAPID/Geothermal/Alaska/Land Access +Yes, if a single application is received for a mineral tract.
RAPID/Geothermal/California/Land Access +California State Land Commission may determine the use of a non-competitive process.
RAPID/Geothermal/Colorado/Land Access +[[Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners]] has authority to approve geothermal leases through non-competitive negotiation.
RAPID/Geothermal/Hawaii/Land Access +Non-competitive six month right of first refusal for the surface owner of lands overlying reserved mineral rights.
RAPID/Geothermal/Idaho/Land Access +Yes, if the [[Idaho Department of Lands]] receives only one application and thereafter no other party files an application to lease the parcel.
RAPID/Geothermal/Montana/Land Access +None
RAPID/Geothermal/Nevada/Land Access +None
RAPID/Geothermal/New Mexico/Land Access +No
RAPID/Geothermal/Oregon/Land Access +If the land is outside a Designated Geothermal Resource Area (DGRA), the [[Oregon Department of State Lands]] will likely facilitate a non-competitive leasing process.
RAPID/Geothermal/Texas/Land Access +Yes, for Relinquishment Act Lands.
RAPID/Geothermal/Utah/Land Access +Yes, discretionary.
RAPID/Geothermal/Washington/Land Access +[[Washington State Department of Natural Resources]] may negotiate terms for a land lease with a prospective developer.
RAPID/Solar/Nevada/Land Access +Yes, for Right of Ways over state land.