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MHK Technologies/ +3 point slack
MHK Technologies/Aegir Dynamo +Gravity base with tension leg platform
MHK Technologies/AirWEC +Single point slack moored
MHK Technologies/Aquanator +Undisclosed
MHK Technologies/Aquantis +Proprietary
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AN 150 +mono pylon
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AR 1000 +Site specific design mono pylon or gravity base structure. The AR 1000 deployed at EMEC makes use of a GBS foundation.
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AS 400 +N/A
MHK Technologies/C Plane +Tethered
MHK Technologies/CETO Wave Energy Technology +Anchored
MHK Technologies/Canal Power +The turbine is attached with cables on either side of a canal or river.
MHK Technologies/Centipod +Proprietary
MHK Technologies/Current Electric Generator +The anchors for the Current Electric Generator will be made from concrete and will be a gravity base
MHK Technologies/Current Power +gravity base
MHK Technologies/Deep Green +To be decided
MHK Technologies/Deep water capable hydrokinetic turbine +An array of turbines are teathered to a cable that is anchored via a dead weight
MHK Technologies/Denniss Auld Turbine +The Oceanlinx Mark 3 Wave Energy Converter is deisgned to operate with a catenary mooring system
MHK Technologies/Direct Drive Power Generation Buoy +Single-point anchored
MHK Technologies/ECO Auger +tethered to bridges and other structures
MHK Technologies/Electric Buoy +The mooring system use will be a 3 point slack line system The achor type will depend on the bottom configuration
MHK Technologies/Electric Generating Wave Pipe +Sea floor mounted
MHK Technologies/European Pico Pilot Plant +Bottom mounted surface piercing shoreline device embedded on one side into a gully on rocky seabed Water surface area covered is approximately 150 m2 The device has space for two turbine ducts of which the second is unoccupied and available for installing a modular turbine test bed
MHK Technologies/Evopod E1 +Fixed spread mooring with patented power export buoy Strangford Lough mooring solution are four clump weight anchors
MHK Technologies/Evopod E35 +Fixed spread mooring with patent protected power export solution
MHK Technologies/FRI El Sea Power System +Moored to seabed
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