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Property Name InfographicType
Property Type String
Description The type of document as a string. This property is used by References and determines the type of infographic or map.
Allows Values Chart;Graph;Histogram;Image;Map;Network Graphic;Plot;Statistical Graphic;Technical Illustration;Time-Series Graphic;Timeline

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ACE-II: Areas of Conservation Emphasis +Map  +
Aeromagnetic map +Map  +
Arizona Online Environmental Review Tool +Map  +


Bouguer gravity anomalies, depth to bedrock, and shallow temperature in the Humboldt House geothermal area, Pershing County, Nevada +Map  +
Bouguer gravity map +Map  +


CAPS: Crucial Areas Planning System +Map  +
CHAT: Crucial Habitat Assessment Tools +Map  +
Casa Diablo/Long Valley Caldera Area, Mono County +Map  +


EFSEC Generalized Siting Process Flowchart +Chart  +


Geologic Map of the Eugene Mountains, Northwestern Nevada +Map  +
Geologic Map of the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico +Map  +
Geologic Map of the Long Valley Caldera, Mono-Inyo Craters Volcanic Chain, and Vicinity, Eastern California +Map  +
Geologic Map of the Valles Caldera +Map  +
Geologic map of the Sulphur Springs Area, Valles Caldera Geothermal System, New Mexico +Map  +
Geothermal/Geochemical Database +Chart  +


Inside Idaho: Interactive Numeric and Spatial Information Data Engine +Map  +
Interpretive geothermal heat flow map of Colorado +Map  +


Kentucky – Department of Environmental Protection – 401 Water Quality Certification Process Flowchart +Chart  +
Kentucky – Transportation Cabinet – Kentucky Designated National Truck Network Map +Map  +


Montana Geographic Information Library +Map  +


Preliminary Geologic Map and Cross Sections of the Casa Diablo Geothermal Area, Long Valley Caldera, Mono County, California +Map  +
Preliminary Geologic Map of the Redondo Peak Quadrangle, Sandoval County, New Mexico +Map  +


Southern Great Plains Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool +Map  +
Station location map and audio-magnetotelluric data log for Rye Patch known geothermal resource area +Map  +


TCEQ - Map of Texas Groundwater Conservation Districts +Map  +
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