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AEP Ohio - Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Purchase Program (Ohio) +RECs must be registered in the PJM-GATS
APS - Solutions for Business Financing (Arizona) +3.99% or higher (see website for details)<br />Available for retrofit projects only through the comprehensive Solutions for Business program. Projects must qualify for a rebate under the Solutions for Business program. Work must be performed by Solutions for Business Trade Ally.
Adams Electric Cooperative - Energy Efficiency Loan Program (Pennsylvania) +Rate: 4.5%-5%<br /> Repayment Terms: up to 7 years
Agricultural Energy Loan Program (Vermont) +Determined on a case-by-case basis; maximum term is 20 years
Agricultural Improvement Loan Program (Minnesota) +Maximum term of 10 years
Agriculture and Food Processing Energy Loans (California) +Fixed rate of 3.2% for the life of loan<br /> Maximum repayment term of 7 years
Alabama Power - Residential Heat Pump and Weatherization Loan Programs (Alabama) +Not specified
AlabamaSAVES Revolving Loan Program (Alabama) +Interest Rate: 1% as of December 2014<br /> Loan Length: 10 year maximum<br /> Application fee: 500 for projects less than 250,000; 1,000 for projects over 250,000<br /> Program origination fee: (3% for direct loans, 2% and reasonable and customary costs from a participating lender partner for subsidized loans). Origination fees are subject to a minimum of 2,000.
Alameda Municipal Power - Commercial Energy Efficiency Loan Program (California) +Rate: not specified Repayment: not specified
Alliant Energy (Wisconsin Power and Light) - Advanced Renewables Tariff (Wisconsin) +Contract has term of 10 years; solar customers must enroll in Second Nature green pricing program
Alliant Energy (Wisconsin Power and Light) - Farm Wiring Financing Program (Wisconsin) +Rate: 3%<br /> Repayment: up to 5 years<br />
Alliant Energy (Wisconsin Power and Light) - Shared Savings Program (Wisconsin) +Rate: 0%<br /> Repayment: up to 5 years<br />
Alliant Energy Interstate Power and Light (Gas and Electric) - Low Interest Energy Efficiency Loan Program (Iowa) +Rate: 0% up to 12 months - 6.9% at 60 months
Alliant Energy Interstate Power and Light (Gas and Electric) - Low Interest Energy Efficiency Loan Program (Minnesota) +Rate: 0% - 6.9%<br /> Repayment: up to 5 years<br />
Alternate Energy Revolving Loan Program (Iowa) +0% interest<br /> Maximum term of 20 years<br /> Non-regulated utilities limited to 1 loan every 2 years
Alternative Energy Conservation Loan Fund (Alaska) +Maximum loan term is 20 years.
Alternative Energy Investment Tax Credit (Montana) +Participant investment must be greater than or equal to 5,000. Unused credit may be carried forward 7 years. See below for criteria to qualify for a 15-year carryover.
Alternative Energy Product Manufacturers Tax Credit (New Mexico) +5-year tax credit carryover
Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program (Montana) +Up to 10 years; 3.25% interest rate for 2014
Alternative Fuels Loan Program for Governments (Oklahoma) +Maximum seven-year loan period
Alternative Loan Program (Missouri) +- Applicant must be a legal Missouri resident and the project must be located in Missouri - Applicant must be a minimum of 14 years of age - Interest Rate - 5.9% - Maximum term of loan - 5 years with semi-annual payments
Alternative and Clean Energy Program (Pennsylvania) +Loan interest rates set at 250 basis points higher than 10 year treasury bond (5% for 2014); failure to meet job creation requirements may result in repayment of grants or additional interest payments over the remaining term of the loan.
Alternative and Clean Energy State Loan Program (Pennsylvania) +Fixed-rate loan (1-5% depending on project type) to be repaid within 10 years; loans may be amortized over the life of the equipment, not to exceed 25 years, except 10 years for energy efficiency or conservation projects.
Ameren Missouri - Solar Renewable Energy Credits +10 year contracts<br /> Must meet Ameren net metering requirements
Amicalola EMC - Energy Resource Conservation (ERC) Loan (Georgia) +Rate: 5%<br /> Repayment: up to 7 years
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