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Property Name Incentive/SWHResSzUnit
Property Type String
Description The unit used for setting the minimum or maximum eligible residential SWH system size. Ex: CA’s Pilot SWH program has a 60-Therm minimum size, so the unit is a Therm (Thm). For the WI incentive, the unit is Thm/yr.

Format: Thm [1]


  1. DSIRE

Pages using the property "Incentive/SWHResSzUnit"

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Bryan Texas Utilities - Solar Hot Water Rebate Program (Texas) +gal  +


California Solar Initiative - Pilot Solar Water Heating Program (California) +Thm  +
Central Electric Cooperative - Solar Rebates (Oregon) +sf  +
City of Aurora – Solar Domestic Water Heater Rebate (Colorado) +BTU/day  +
Clallam County PUD - Residential Solar Rebate Program (Washington) +sf  +
Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc - Energy Smart Solar Water Heater Rebate Program (Florida) +BTU  +


Focus on Energy - Renewable Energy Cash-Back Rewards (Wisconsin) +Thm/yr.  +
Franklin County PUD - Solar Energy System Rebate (Washington) +sf  +


Georgia Power - Residential Solar and Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate (Georgia) +gallons  +
Grays Harbor PUD - Solar Water Heater Rebate (Washington) +sf  +


NV Energy (Northern Nevada) - Solar Hot Water Incentive Program (Nevada) +kWh/year  +


Port Angeles Public Works & Utilities - Solar Energy System Rebate (Washington) +sf  +


Renewable Technology Rebate Fund (Arkansas) +sf  +
Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit (Corporate) (Rhode Island) +sf  +
Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit (Personal) (Rhode Island) +sf  +
Residential Solar Water Heating Rebates (New Hampshire) +MMBTU  +


Waverly Light & Power - Residential Solar Thermal Rebates (Iowa) +sf  +
We Energies - Solar Thermal Incentive Program (Wisconsin) +Thm/year  +
Wisconsin - Residential Energy-Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (Wisconsin) +Thm/year  +