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Property Name Incentive/RECOwn
Property Type String
Description REC Ownership.

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APS - Net Metering (Arizona) +Not addressed  +
American Samoa - Net Metering (American Samoa) +Not addressed  +
Ames Electric Department - Net Metering (Iowa) +Yes  +
Ashland Electric - Net Metering (Oregon) +Not addressed  +
Austin Energy - Net Metering (Texas) +Not addressed  +
Avista Utilities - Net Metering (Idaho) +Not addressed  +


CHELCO - Net Metering (Florida) +Yes  +
City of Brenham - Net Metering (Texas) +Not addressed  +
City of Danville - Net Metering (Virginia) +Customer owns REC's. The utility is not obligated to purchase net metering RECs.  +
City of St. George - Net Metering (Utah) +Customer owns RECs (unless utility subsidizes system)  +
City of Tallahassee Utilities - Net Metering (Florida) +Yes  +
Colorado Springs Utilities - Net Metering (Colorado) +Yes  +
ComEd - Wind & Photovoltaic Generation Program (Illinois) +Yes  +


Delta-Montrose Electric Association - Net Metering (Colorado) +Yes  +
Duke Energy - Net Metering (South Carolina) +Customer owns RECs until REC market emerges, at which point utilities own RECs  +


EPUD - Net Metering (Oregon) +yes  +
EWEB - PV Partners (Oregon) +Yes  +
Empire Electric Association - Net Metering (Colorado) +Yes  +


Farmington Electric Utility System - Net Metering (New Mexico) +Not addressed  +
Florida Keys Electric Cooperative - Net Metering (Florida) +Yes  +
Fort Collins Utilities - Net Metering (Colorado) +Yes  +


Grand Valley Rural Electric Association - Net Metering (Colorado) +Yes  +
Grays Harbor PUD - Net Metering (Washington) +Customer owns RECs  +
Green Mountain Energy Renewable Rewards Program (Texas) +Customer-generator  +
Guam - Net Metering (Guam) +Not addressed  +
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