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Property Name Incentive/PVResIncr1KW
Property Type String
Description The first increment (“Increment 1”) of capacity for residential PV incentives. Use this for residential tiered incentive rates structured to provide a decreasing $/W rebate for each successive increment of capacity. For residential rebates that have tiered structures, there are typically only two increments of capacity. Ex: NY PV Incentive:•$4.00/W up to 5 kW•$4.50/W for New York Energy Star homes up to 5 kW•$4.50/W for all building integrated PV systems up to 5 kW•For additional capacity above 5 kW, all residential incentives will be reduced by $1.00/watt and all residential incentives will be capped at 10 kW. Thus, for the NY residential rebate, the first increment, “Increment 1” capacity, is 5 kW. The adders for Energy Star and BIPV are included in the notes section rather than in separate columns.

Format: 25 5 [1]


  1. DSIRE