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Property Name Incentive/NaturalGasSalesReduction
Property Type String
Description Natural Gas Sales Reduction

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Empower Maryland Efficiency Act (Maryland) +N/A  +
Energy Efficiency First Fuel Requirement (Gas and Electric) (Massachusetts) +Reduce 24.7 million therms by 2012  +
Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (New York) +Gas savings of 112 Bcf annually by 2020 (equates to 14.7% of projected use in 2020)  +
Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (California) +Varies by utility (see below)  +
Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (Colorado) +Varies  +
Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (Minnesota) +1.5% reduction of average retail sales beginning in 2010  +
Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (Rhode Island) +Varies annually (see below)  +
Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (Delaware) +Natural gas savings equivalent to 10% of 2007 natural gas consumption by 2015  +
Energy Efficiency Standard (Illinois) +7.1% total savings by EY 2019<br /> Additional 1.5% savings each year thereafter  +
Energy Efficiency Standard (Iowa) +Utility-Specific Energy Efficiency Resource Standards set by IUB  +
Energy Efficiency Standard for Focus on Energy +2011-2014: Net annual natural gas savings of 73,040,000 therms  +
Energy Efficiency Standards (Arizona) +6% cumulative savings by 2020  +
Energy Efficiency Targets (Arkansas) +2011 reductions: 0.2%<br /> 2012 reductions: 0.3%<br /> 2013 reductions: 0.4%  +
Energy Efficiency Targets (Maine) +30% by 2020  +
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Requirements for Utilities (Pennsylvania) +N/A  +
Energy Optimization Standard +0.75% annual reduction of previous year retail natural gas sales (decatherms) by 2012  +