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Property Name Incentive/ExpireDtNotes
Property Type String
Description Expiration date notes.

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Agricultural Energy Efficiency Program (New York) +(or until funding is exhausted)  +


Bryan Texas Utilities - Solar Hot Water Rebate Program (Texas) +or when funds are exhausted.  +
Bryan Texas Utilities - Solar PV Rebate Program (Texas) +or when funding is exhausted.  +
Business Incentive Program +For Current Applications  +


COOLAdvantage Program (New Jersey) +or until funding is exhausted for oil, propane, and municipal electric utility customers  +
California Solar Initiative - Solar Thermal Program (California) +or until the funds run out.  +
Chain Stores and Franchises Program +For Current Applications  +


Duquesne Light Company - Residential Solar Water Heating Program (Pennsylvania) +Current application  +


Energy Smart Commercial Lighting Program Incentives (New York) +(expired)  +
Energy Smart New Construction Program (New York) +(or until funding is exhausted)  +
Entergy Texas - Solar PV Pilot Program (Texas) +Funds exhausted 4 months early  +
Existing Facilities Program (New York) +(or until funding exhausted)  +


Focus on Energy - Energy-Efficient Products Cash-Back Rewards (Wisconsin) +(current applications)  +


Income Tax Credit for Green Buildings (Corporate) (Maryland) +Deadline for issuance of initial credit certificates  +
Income Tax Credit for Green Buildings (Personal) (Maryland) +Deadline for issuance of initial credit certificates  +
Industrial and Process Efficiency Performance Incentives (New York) +(or until funding exhausted)  +


LADWP - Solar Feed-in Tariff Demonstation Program (California) +For this demonstration phase  +
Large Energy Users Program (Wisconsin) +For Current Applications  +
Local Government Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program +(or until funding exhausted)  +


Minnesota Power - Solar-Thermal Water Heating Rebate Program (Minnesota) +(most recent applications)  +
Multifamily Energy Savings Program (Existing Buildings and New Construction) (Wisconsin) +(most recent applications)  +


NYSERDA - Energy Star Home Builders (New York) +(current solicitation)  +
NYSERDA - Innovation in Manufacturing Clean Energy Technologies (New York) +(Round 1); 09/26/2012 (Round 2)  +
National Grid (Gas) - Residential Efficiency Rebate Program (New Hampshire) +currently expired  +


Public Sector Energy Efficiency Aggregation Program +(most recent applications)  +
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