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Property Name Incentive/Charge
Property Type String
Description Charge.


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Advanced Energy Fund (Ohio) +Varies by utility (fund authorized to collect $15 million per year from 2001-05 and $5 million per year from 2006-10)  +


City of Boulder - Climate Action Plan Fund (Colorado) +Maximum tax rates for electricity customers:<br /> Residential: 0.0049/kWh<br /> Commercial: 0.0009/kWh<br /> Industrial: 0.0003/kWh  +
Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) (Vermont) +Approximately 6 million - 7.2 million annually through 2009; 4.5 million in 2010 and an estimated 3.9M for 2011 and 2012 (through March 2012)<br /> Additional money through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act  +
Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (Connecticut) +0.001 per kilowatt-hour for Connecticut Light and Power (CLandP) and United Illuminating (UI) customers  +
Conservation Improvement Program (Minnesota) +1.5% Utility Revenue; 2% Xcel Energy revenue; 0.5% natural gas utility revenue  +


DEMEC - Green Energy Fund (Delaware) +0.000178/kWh (0.178 mills/kWh)  +
Delaware Electric Cooperative - Green Energy Fund (Delaware) +0.000178/kWh  +


Efficiency Maine Trust (Maine) +1.45 mills/kWh  +
Efficiency Maine Trust - Renewable Resource Fund (Maine) +None (contributions are voluntary)  +
Efficiency Vermont (Vermont) +Varies by year, utility and customer type  +
Efficient Use of Energy Act (New Mexico) +Limit: 75,000/yr per customer  +
Energy Efficiency Fund (Connecticut) +0.003 per kilowatt-hour for Connecticut Light and Power (CLandP) and United Illuminating (UI) customers; varies for customers of municipal utilities.  +
Energy Efficiency Fund (Massachusetts) +$0.0025 per kilowatt-hour (2.5 mills/kWh); + Proceeds from Forward Capacity Market (est @ $10 million in 2009); + Proceeds from Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; and possibly other sources  +
Energy Efficiency Public Benefits Funds +Energy Efficiency Trust Fund: Utilities contribute annually a pro rata share of a total amount of $3 million  +
Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Fund (Illinois) +Varies, limited to greater of 0.5% customer cost/kWh from previous year or 0.5%-2.015% of 2007 sales. Levels frozen in 2012 and thereafter.  +
Energy Trust of Oregon (Oregon) +3% charge for Pacific Power and Portland General Electric customers, of which 73.8% goes to Energy Trust; 1.25% charge for NW Natural Gas customers; and 1.5% charge for Cascade Natural Gas customers  +


Focus on Energy Program (Wisconsin) +Each utility is required to spend 1.2% of its annual operating revenue on efficiency and renewables.  +


Green Energy Fund (Delaware) +0.000356 per kWh (0.356 mills per kWh) for renewables<br /> 0.000095 per kWh (0.095 mills per kWh) for low-income assistance  +


Hawaii Energy (Hawaii) +2009-2010: 1% of projected total utility revenue, including revenue tax<br /> 2011-2012: 1.5% of projected total utility revenue, including revenue tax<br /> 2013-onwards: 2% of projected total utility revenue, including revenue tax  +


Low-Income and Energy Efficiency Fund (LIEEF) (Michigan) +Varies by utility (89 million annually in total)  +


Public Benefits Funds for Renewables and Efficiency (California) +Rates vary by utility and customer type:<br /> Renewables: ~1.6 mills/kWh<br /> Efficiency: ~5.4 mills/kWh<br /> RDandD: ~1.5 mills/kWh  +
Public Benefits Programs (Pennsylvania) +Varies by utility territory  +
Puerto Rico - Green Energy Fund (Puerto Rico) +Excise taxes from sales of motor vehicles and motorcycles  +


Renewable Energy Trust Fund (Massachusetts) +$0.0005 per kilowatt-hour (0.5 mill/kWh) in 2003 and in each following year  +
Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund (RIREF) (Rhode Island) +Renewables: $0.0003 per kWh (0.3 mills per kWh)<br /> Demand-side management (DSM): determined by utilities (with PUC approval)  +
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