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Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (Pennsylvania) +PUC Order Docket No. M-00051865  +


City of Austin - Commercial and Residential Green Building Requirements (Texas) +City Council Resolution No. 20081106-047  +
City of Austin - Renewables Portfolio Standard (Texas) +City Council Approval Vote  +
Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs) (Federal) +IRS Announcement 2010-54  +
Coal Mine Safety Act (Virginia) +Va. Code 45.1-161.310 through 45.1-161.311 (Rights of Owners of Land Adjacent to Coal Mines)  +
Comprehensive Energy Savings Plan for State Facilities (Minnesota) +H.F. 1752  +
Conservation of Water Resources (Virginia) +9 Va. Admin. Code 25-600 (Groundwater Withdrawal Regulations)  +


Efficiency Vermont (Vermont) +PSB Order Establishing ESA  +
Electric Companies and Electric Transmission Lines (North Dakota) +69-09  +
Energy Conservation in State Buildings (Maryland) +Executive Order 01.01.2001.02  +
Energy Efficiency Goals and Requirements for Public Entities (Texas) +S.B. 700  +
Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (New York) +NY PSC Order, Case 07-M-0548  +
Energy Efficiency Requirements for State Government (Connecticut) +H.B. 6360  +
Energy Efficiency Standard for Focus on Energy +PSC Docket 5-GF-191 Order  +
Energy Efficiency Targets (Maine) +Docket No. 2010-116  +
Energy Portfolio Standard (Nevada) +AB 388  +


Feed-in-Tariff (Hawaii) +HI PUC Order 30635, Docket No. 2008-0273  +


Gas Pipeline Safety (West Virginia) +W. Va Code §24B-1-1  +
Greening of State Government (Colorado) +CRS 24-103-207.5  +


Interconnection Standards (Hawaii) +HI PUC Order No. 19773  +
Interconnection Standards (New York) +NY PSC Order, Cases 12-E-0393 through 12-E-0398  +


Massachusetts Clean Waters Act (Massachusetts) +314 CMR 3.00  +


Net Metering (Arkansas) +HB 2019  +
Net Metering (Massachusetts) +Order Adopting Net Metering Rules (Docket 11-10)  +
Net Metering (Minnesota) +H.F. 729  +
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